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Axtschlag GmbH

Wood Smoking Chips "Whiskey"

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Wood Smoking Chips "Whisky" - Smoking Wood Whisky

Axtschlag Wood Smoking Chips are smoking chips for flavoring grilled food.
After soaking the chips in water for 30 minutes, simply put a handful of chips into the glowing charcoal or, in the case of a gas grill, into the smoker box. A handful of chips produces smoke for around 10 minutes. Can be used in all grills and smokers as well as in the oven.

The oak wood flavored with whiskey ensures a great smoking experience and gives the grilled food that special whiskey note. Oak wood is particularly popular because of its full-bodied smoky flavor. Oak wood is used in many traditional and modern smoking recipes. In France, many ham delicacies are smoked using oak wood. Oak wood is very similar to the smoker's wood hickory.

  • whisky flavoured oak
  • 100% pure wood
  • without additives
  • Chip size 8–12 mm
  • for a great grilling and smoking experience
  • gives grilled food the special whisky note
  • particularly suitable for meat, fish, vegetables
  • Content: 1 kg