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DICK - Traditionsmarke der Profis

Cutting knife "HEKTOR" 26 cm with hollow grind Red Spirit series by Dick

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This high-quality butcher knife impresses with its 26 cm long blade. The curved shape is ideal for butchering large and small pieces of meat. The hollow grind prevents food from sticking to the blade. The knives also have a non-slip, oval handle.

The Hektor carving knife from the Red Spirit series is a knife for true meat lovers. The BBQ knife from the Red Spirit series was named after the warrior and general Hektor from Greek mythology. Hektor was a noble and important general in the battle for Troy. The knife is ideal for carving large pieces of meat and fish, but it is also very suitable as a slicing or carving knife in the BBQ area - the long curved blade is ideal for cutting brisket (beef brisket cooked in hot smoke). It enables a long, pulling cut, so large pieces can be cut without having to put it down. The integrated hollow grind reduces the adhesion of the blade to the food being cut.

The 26 cm long blade is made of stainless steel (X55CrMo14) and is hardened to 56° Rockwell. The steel structure created by the hardening process is particularly sharp and can be easily resharpened. The laser-tested cutting geometry in conjunction with the polishing finish give the Hektor butcher knife a particularly high initial sharpness.
The polyamide handle, with a non-slip surface, is permanently connected to the blade with a stainless steel ferrule and a stainless steel end piece. The rounded, symmetrical shape of the handle allows the knife to be held comfortably.


  • ideal for cutting and slicing meat and poultry
  • precise and clean cut, where the material to be cut is neither crushed nor broken
  • high-alloy stainless steel
  • Blade length: 26 cm
  • Total length: 39.5 cm
  • Ergonomically shaped handle: red plastic (polyamide), with ferrule and end piece made of stainless steel
  • Steel: stainless steel (X55CrMo14)
  • Hardness: 56° HRC