Lumi Lumi Woked Nutria

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Lumi Lumi Woked Nutria

Recipe Facts

Difficulty level:
medium ◉◉◉◎◎

Quantity for:
per person

Preparation time:
⧗ individual

Grilling time:
⧗ individual

Grill(s) & Equipment:
• Wok
• Barbecue


• 100 g meat from the nutria leg,
• some oil
• some rice flour
• 100 ml Lumi Lumi
(Australian marinade,
divided into 2 x 50 ml)
• 100 ml game stock
• 100 g pointed cabbage, diced
• 100 g cauliflower,
divided into florets
• 10 g onion,
cut in slices
• 20 g mushrooms,
cut in slices
• 50 g carrots,
cut in slices
• 20 g pepper, diced
• fresh chilli,
cut into stripes,
Quantity according to taste

The nutria can reach a body length of up to 65 centimeters and weighs between 8 and 10 kilograms as an adult.
Rob uses nutria legs for his recipes.

Product recommendation:


Heat the oil in a wok over a rocket stove or an open flame. Season the nutria meat with salt and pepper and sprinkle well with rice flour. When the oil is hot, quickly stir-fry the meat for 1 to 2 minutes until crispy.

Drain in a sieve, place in a bowl and mix with 50 ml of Lumi Lumi marinade. Cover and set aside for later use.

Clean the wok, add some more oil and stir-fry the vegetables for 2 minutes over the rocket stove or an open flame, add the game stock and the remaining Lumi Lumi and heat until simmering and mixed.

R ecipe by Robert Reinkemeyer –
the cosmopolitan from Lower Saxony

New Zealand native Robert Reinkemeyer, known as Rob, set out to conquer the world with a wooden spoon after completing his training as a chef. He brought with him a fair amount of curiosity and a great deal of passion for other (food) cultures.

Recipe first published in FIRE&FOOD Magazine 04/2021

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